About Us

Our Journey
Our journey

Began in 2014

Like many of us caught up in juggling families and careers, I often forgot to take a step back, hit pause and relax. I felt the expectations of trying to do it all and do it well was forever in my subconscious, but it was to my detriment. 

The Journey

Seeking Enlightenment

So I embarked on a journey of rediscovery, developing self-love, making healthier choices and seeking empowerment. With an open mind and heart, I have sought ways to restore calm, balance and sense of joy into my life – from lighting an aromatherapy candle, indulging in pamper products, drawing on the healing qualities of Aloe Vera or using a journal to jot down affirmations, aspirations and goals. 

Only the start

We’re Just Getting Started

Yeliako sources products from like-minded suppliers and artisans dedicated to promoting positive well-being and self-care. Whilst focusing on ways to enhance our quality of life, Yeliako is committed to ensuring our range is ethically sourced and sustainable – some of our suppliers will send products in recycled/reusable packaging to save on the environment.

Yeliako is about promoting  enrichment through products that Rejuvenate, Elevate and Celebrate our mind, body and soul. Yeliako’s mission is to encourage you to take time out for self-care, wellness and health – taking the steps to rediscover your passions and lead fulfilling lives.